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Welcome to CurTukTuk

CurTukTuk is the exclusive TukTuk company, recognized by local authorities, licensed to provide unique and professional “City Tours”, as well as “Short Distance Transport Services” (a.k.a. “Shuttle Services”) in Curaçao, both for the tourism sector as well as the local population.
TukTuks are incredibly flexible vehicles. Their size permits transit where a bus, or even a small car, would find it impossible to maneuver. They’re private, seating two adults comfortably (space for an additional adult, or one or two children, may be possible), which allows for more direct, one-on-one communication with the driver/guide.
Whether you’re visiting Curaçao, hosting a special event, or planning a celebration, CurTukTuk will make it extra special. Hop on board, and let’s go make some unforgettable memories!

City Tours | Delivery Service (Coming soon!) | Events | Parties | Celebrations

City Tours

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Shore Excursions

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2 Hour City tours

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Events & Celebrations

Planning something special in Curaçao? A wedding, a corporate event, a music festival? Our TukTuks are perfect for transporting your guests from a distant parking area right to the door of the event venue, so they don’t have to walk in the sun or the rain, along busy roads with no sidewalks, or up and down the hilly Curaçao streets. When the event is finished, our TukTuks will be ready to drive them back safely and comfortably to their cars. Our colorful TukTuks stand out without even trying, making them ideal for a caravan ride through the city — think bachelorette party, or a bar hop with visitors from abroad. Their petite size make them ideal for limited parking situations — such as a scavenger hunt in the city, for example. They’re fun, dependable, versatile, and single-handedly add a touch of uniqueness to your event. And our friendly and experienced drivers add value to your event by making the experience not only lively but safe as well.

Make your parties exceptional, your corporate functions unforgettable, and all your celebrations outstanding with our bespoke CurTukTuk service.

Because your event deserves tailored planning, please get in touch so we can explore the possibilities and brainstorm together to help you achieve the event of your dreams. We’ll be looking forward to partnering with you!

Next level delivery service!

Something spectacular is in the works here at CurTukTuk! We’ll share more details soon.